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A custom Soul Eater RPG. Create your meister, join an academy and work your way up to become the ultimate death scythe wielder.
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 General Site Rules

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   Mon May 15, 2017 11:52 pm

General Site Rules

Basic Behavior:
Here at Soul Academy we strive to be a relaxed friendly environment. We ask that all of our members try to maintain a calm and respectable personality while here. We will not tolerate toxic behavior, and if a member of staff believes you are crossing the line they are expected to take action. We understand people disagree on things, but there are nice easy ways to handle that, and if things do get out of hand please take them to pm's as to not disturb the site.

There is to be no harassing members of any kind. Everyone one is different and is entitled to their own opinions. We will not tolerate belittling people for any reason, which includes but is not limited to things like Sex, Race, Religion, Personal preference of any kind. No one has the right to look down on someone else because they do not share the same ideas.

Mature Content:
We allow to use of mature content both in language and in content, however we are not a rated R site and ask they you try to keep it classy and in moderation. Try not to use a curse word after every other word you use. If a topic has a high level of mature content or is sexual in nature please tag it as Mature. Also use logic when dealing with this kind of content, 12 year old drug dealers and middle school orgies will not be tolerated. There is to be no sexual images of any nature posted, if it contains nudity or the idea of such actions, it is not to be posted.

This is a role playing site where people come to relax and have fun, we ask that you show others respect and understand that people just need space sometimes. If someone ask you to refrain from saying certain things or doing specific actions please respect those wishes. If someone ask you to leave them alone, dont make a big deal out of it.

If you would like to advertise another role play site or any other site, please do so in our advertisement section. If anyone is caught posting outside of the advertisement section, including sending pms, will have it removed and will get a warning.

Warning System

We will follow a strict warning system, which all members of staff must follow when dealing with rules being broken.

Strike One:
If this is your first time breaking a rule you will be issued a warning to cease that activity, you will only get a warning once, and the first time you do it.

Strike Two:
If continued rule breaking occurs the member will move to strike two. Strike two results in 12 hour ban from the site (or chat box if its a related offense).

Strike Three:
Strike three will be issued when a member continues to break rules even after being told numerous times to stop. At this point you are ignoring staff and will be issued a 24 hour ban from the entire site.

Strike Four:
After strike three, if a member continues to act up even after a 24 hour ban, they will be outright banned from the site, including all alt accounts, with no option to come back.

Staff members can opt to skip strike one and two if the offense is large enough, this will be done at the discretion of staff. Depending on the offense a member of staff my jump right to strike three, but never to strike four.

Do not attempt to argue with staff, their word is final. If you have an issue with a staff members ruling or way of acting, please contact an admin with your concern and it will be looked into.
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General Site Rules
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