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A custom Soul Eater RPG. Create your meister, join an academy and work your way up to become the ultimate death scythe wielder.
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 Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Sun May 21, 2017 10:53 pm

Role Play Rules

God-Modding covers a few different things, none of which will be allowed here. No one is invincible and can not avoid every attack. As such your character must take damage during the course of battle. We expect members to role play out combat and the harder something is to avoid the less likely you are to avoid it. We will also not allow controlling of another character or its items. This includes actions, movements, and even thoughts. You may interact the environment around you, however if a character or object belongs to another player, you are not allowed to dictate the course of said object.

Meta Gaming:
Meta Gaming is the act of using outside knowledge to influence in character actions. You must separate yourself as a player from your character, and not allow information you know to influence any actions your character may make. This also applies to other peoples characters. You are not allowed to infer what they may know, or use any known information against them in context.

Unless other wise stated all topics are considered to be open. If you wish for a topic to be closed in any way it must have the appropriate tag with it. [Private] is used if the topic is only open to those who were invited by the creator of the topic. At any time a topic may move from open to private, indicating no more users are allowed to enter. [Mature] must be used if the topic has rated R content, this can change from open to mature at any given point. [Past] must be used if the topic takes place in the past. This can include flash backs or moments of time that have already taken place.

Combat may take place anywhere at any given time. If the topic is open someone may enter and start a fight with you. However here on Soul Academy the killing of another character is not permitted unless both members agree to a death enabled topic, or you are participating in a death enabled event. If a fight progresses to the point where major damage is inflicted, the character is considered knocked out, and then rushed to a hospital.

There is no limit to how many topics you can have at any given point. However please keep others in mind, do not attempt to juggle more topics than you are able keep active. There is not a time limit on when someone must post in response to someone else. However if a topic has gone unanswered for a complete month the current participants may consider it closed. The only time a 72 hour restriction on posting will be active is when all participants agree to one or its a death enabled topic. When posting please try to keep to the post order of all participating members. After two real life weeks if someone has not posted you may skip over their next response.

Post Content:
All post must be written in the English language, except for dialogue spoken by your character or names for people and techniques. We ask that all of your post be in third person, and be as clear as can be. Keep a ordered timeline and try not to skip around in the same post. If you are using an approved ability please post a link to the ability at the end of the post. Please refrain from double posting or posting only OOC content.

Role Play Styles:
We understand people have different ways of role playing, and we do not want to restrict someone from doing things the way they feel the most comfortable. We do ask however that things are clear as can be, especially in fights. Do not bog down a post with random useless information for the sake of hiding actions, or using very vague descriptions to sneak hidden motives by. If a certain detail has been left out by one player it may be added by the other player, this includes time of day, weather or things around the environment. You can not control things left unmentioned about someones character though, including clothing or actions. If something is to vague or a detail is left out, please ask that member to edit their post with a more detailed description.

Warning System

We will follow a strict warning system, which all members of staff must follow when dealing with rules being broken.

Strike One:
If this is your first time breaking a rule you will be issued a warning to cease that activity, you will only get a warning once, and the first time you do it.

Strike Two:
If continued rule breaking occurs the member will move to strike two. Strike two results in 12 hour ban from the site (or chat box if its a related offense).

Strike Three:
Strike three will be issued when a member continues to break rules even after being told numerous times to stop. At this point you are ignoring staff and will be issued a 24 hour ban from the entire site.

Strike Four:
After strike three, if a member continues to act up even after a 24 hour ban, they will be outright banned from the site, including all alt accounts, with no option to come back.

Staff members can opt to skip strike one and two if the offense is large enough, this will be done at the discretion of staff. Depending on the offense a member of staff my jump right to strike three, but never to strike four.

Do not attempt to argue with staff, their word is final. If you have an issue with a staff members ruling or way of acting, please contact an admin with your concern and it will be looked into.
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Role Play Rules
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