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A custom Soul Eater RPG. Create your meister, join an academy and work your way up to become the ultimate death scythe wielder.
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 Events and Guided Role Plays

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PostSubject: Events and Guided Role Plays   Mon May 22, 2017 12:55 am

Events and Guided Role plays
Soul Academy is a site dedicated to story telling and character building. As such there will be a plot in place that dictates the basic flow of the site. We encourage each of our members to build their characters with sub plots in mind, always looking to grow their character. However as a site we will be hosting regular events and Guided Role Plays to help further the plot and give the members active story telling to take apart in.

Events will be small scale activities normally set around holidays or special times of the year. This will not directly effect or further the plot will be a flavor addition for the members and the environment. Based on what happens in these events permanent effects may be applied, however these are meant to be fun and a way to interact with others.

Guided role plays-
Guided role plays are site wide plot lines that tie into the sites plot and actively effect the direction of the site. This will be major plot lines that will be lead by members of staff and have direct effects on everyone. These can last weeks or months and often include several story arcs leading up to a large conclusion. These can vary from large dungeon raids to massive boss fights.

The core of the site will revolve around these two things, giving members something to do at all times. We will continue to encourage people to role play with other members and build relationships in between these site held activities.
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Events and Guided Role Plays
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