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A custom Soul Eater RPG. Create your meister, join an academy and work your way up to become the ultimate death scythe wielder.
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 Weapon and Ability Guide

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PostSubject: Weapon and Ability Guide   Sun May 21, 2017 11:33 pm

Weapon Guide
There are no banned weapon types here on SA, however there are a few rules and guidelines to follow when picking and creating what weapon will become your death scythe. A base weapon comes with its weapon type and a single ability/effect of the weapon. For example you may want a sword that coats itself in fire. The base weapon comes with four ability slots and one upgrade slot. Once a weapon is upgraded it gains a new slot, a Soul Resonance Slot. You will use these slots to upgrade your weapon and add signature moves, which will be covered in another topic. One Meister is allowed One or Two weapon partners, If two partners are chosen they each come with their own slots, however separate amounts of souls will be needed to gain use these slots. One partner can only turn into one weapon, however if you would like a partner to be able to change into multiple weapons it will consume an ability slot when a mile marker has been reached.

Ability Guide
Each weapon may come with a base ability, these abilities must be simple and limited to a singular type of action. An example would be coating a weapon in flames, or blasting a bolt of lighting out of it. We encourage members to be creative and think outside of the box, however there are a few banned abilities. These are considered set in stone, and will not be allowed to be created, loop holed and mimicked. Staff has the right to deny any ability that is to close to one of these.

-Space/Time manipulation
-Reality manipulation
-Straight up undetection
-Mind/Body control of another player
-Partners can not be animals

If creating a projectile or long ranged Weapon/Ability, ammo will not be needed to be created and instead will use the partners soul energy as a base for the projectile. Example being a Bow that turns the Soul Wavelength into an energy arrow.

As slots are unlocked you will gain access new abilities in the form of Power moves. These are signature moves that use the weapon in a powerful attack. When using a slot you have a few options. You can pick a new weapon for the partner to turn into, you can add a new ability or use the existing ability to create a signature move. All added abilities, weapons and signature moves must relate to the original weapon or ability in some way. Example if the base ability is to coat the blade in fire, you can not create a signature move using water.

Soul Guide
As a weapon and meister partner ship you are required to collect evil souls before they are able to manifest into Kishin. Here on SA in order to upgrade weapons and gain new abilities one must collect souls. Although you can role play yourself fighting evil souls and collecting them, only souls handed out by the site can be used to upgrade a weapon. There will be numerous ways to earn souls, from completing missions and jobs, to participating in site events.

A weapon comes with four ability slots, and an upgrade slot. It takes twenty souls to unlock a new slot, giving you a new ability/move at intervals of 20,40,60,80 souls. At a hundred souls you may upgrade the weapon into a Fully formed Death Scythe, gaining access to a more powerful ability known as a Soul Resonance attack.
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Weapon and Ability Guide
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